09/1943 —— 07/2023

Simple, perfect is hard to do. Too busy bailing to row let alone steer.



? Remembering a Dear Friend ?

Doug was a passionate picker, dedicated to preserving history and unique vintage items, especially airplane lamps made in Canada from the late 1930s to the mid-1950s. He was undeniably cool, and his absence leaves a void that will be felt deeply. We’re going to miss him dearly.

As we remember him fondly, let’s take a journey through the chapters of his life and the cherished memories he left behind.

? Early Years: September 25, 1943

Doug was born in Clinton, Ontario, on an Air Force Base. In the 1940s, he spent his childhood in Vancouver, particularly in Kitsilano. Growing up with his 2 sisters and a brother in the 1950s, he enjoyed a nice middle-class upbringing, later moving into the Marpole area when his father purchased a house.

? Life in the 50s: The Teenage Adventures

As a teenager in the 1950s, Doug experienced the simple pleasures of an average life, yet it was filled with love from his parents. He treasured spending time with family and made memories playing by the river, at the park, and exploring the industrial area. Getting his driver’s license at 16 opened up a whole new world of freedom for him. He found his first job delivering newspapers and later worked at a drugstore. Doug also bought his first car and bonded with friends over their shared love for Hot Rods. After graduating high school, he decided not to go to college but instead focused on working, eventually landing a job at an automotive shop.

? Love and Family in the 60s

In the 1960s, Doug got married and moved to Richmond. Although he wasn’t very close to his family at this time, he started a family of his own, welcoming a daughter into the world. During this decade, he developed a passion for buying and selling various items, including furniture, vintage records, and more. This hobby became a significant part of his life and continued throughout the years.

? A Musical Journey

Doug’s love for vintage American dance music led him to collect and appreciate music from the 1950s and beyond. This passion was evident throughout his life, enriching his experiences and connecting him to others who shared his enthusiasm.

? The 80s and Beyond

As Doug entered his 40s and beyond, he continued to maintain his interests, work, and musical pursuits. His involvement in the towing industry and his love for airplane lamp repairs and customizations kept him busy and fulfilled. Through his website,, he shared his passion with others, showcasing his dedication to this unique art form. It was a labor of love, and over the years, he refined, redesigned, and customized these lamps to perfection, creating around 200 exquisite pieces. His legacy in this field will always shine brightly.

As we say goodbye to Doug, let us remember the moments we shared with him, the laughter, the stories, and the love he brought into our lives. Rest in peace, dear friend. You will be dearly missed but forever remembered in our hearts. ❤️