Canadian Airplane Lamps

Canadian Airplane lamps are styled after one of the worlds best airplane designs – The Douglas DC-3. They were usually mounted on the top of floor ashstands and side tables. A much smaller number were sold as table top/desk models. There were five different airplane castings in brass, chrome or silver-wash like finishes. They were marked or labelled “Metalcraft”, “Florentine”, “Tuscan”, “Thaus Lamp”, or “Electrolite”. They came with six different propeller styles. All were made in Canada from at least 1945 (and possibly as early as the late 1930s) through the mid 1950s. Cast in Ontario and Quebec from varying qualities of pot metal, they could be fragile.


From the late 1970s into the 21st century aluminium versions from an early mold (“patent pending” – Metalcraft) were cast in small runs from Vancouver, B.C.. In the mid 1980s similar pot metal airplane lamps with elaborate stands were cast in Southern California, (Dereco).

Bespoke or custom restored version with acrylic disc props and original parts assemblages have also been built.

After W.W.II “Florentine” made an “Air Sea Rescue Launch” table lamp patterned after the British Power Boat Co. Type Two (HSL) whaleback. Mainly brass plated, there were scarce chrome versions.

JOB DESCRIPTION:    Rescue downed pilots night and day from the North Sea and English Channel in a 60 ft. plywood boat with 1500 Horse Power carrying thousands of gallons of gas while people in planes and boats shoot at you.


RAF Air Sea Resue Service – Pen & Sword Books. Ditchburn Boats – Boston Mills Press


Airplane Lamp Adverts from the 1940’s and 1950’s

Misc. Information

Light up hood ornament with custom windspun propellers on an early 50’s Chev Pickup.   Great  !!                                                                     (photo by Keswick Pinhead)

Factory Stock Airplane Lamps 1940’s to 1950’s

Thau’s one piece base and three blade tin props.

Late 1945 Florentine with onyx base cover.

A Theory of Evolution

Martin M130 China Clipper nose on the …………………..

………. Douglas DC3 body with added speed and flap lines becomes ….

…………. K&O airplane book ends circa 1938

K&O logo Kronheim & Oldenbusch Company circa 1895 – 1939 closed

Custom Restoration Airplane Lamps

Desk & Table Models

Floor Models

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